"Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves" -- Euripides
There is much to occupy your body, spirit and mind on Mykonos.

Create your Mykonos experience with the help of our local knowledge. Mykonos Prestige will smooth your way to every adventure, and we love to share the history, romance and legends of this most wonderful Greek island.

We are available to drive you anywhere on the island in our Audi 3 S Line, 24 hours a day, and our Water Taxi service has a schedule that operates half hourly, from our splendid island sunrise to stunning sunset.

Secluded beaches or beaches to play? Water-ski, hire a jet-ski, windsurf, parasail, even ride a horse, or you just chill and be ready for another night of revelry.
From traditional Greek bouzouki music to pumping dance beat -- just tell us the soundtrack you want for your evening and we'll be able to recommend a venue to suit.
Seaside restaurants
So many to choose from -- try trendy Nammos at Psarou beach and Scorpios on Paraga beach. Both are perfect locations at sunset.
Clubs and bars
Party on at the trendiest, most exclusive and popular venues.
Old Mykonos
there are famous places to see and even more behind the scenes.
Ancient ruins
See the temples and towns of the Greek and Roman worlds.

There is so much more we can show you, please call to discuss your personal preferences.